Sunday, 6 November, 2011

30 Minutes or Less (2011) BluRay 720p


Nick (Jesse Eisenberg) is a slacking pizza delivery driver who has trouble completing the "30 Minutes or Less" policy that his employers issue, leading to a reprimand from his boss (Brett Gelman). Nick's friend Chet (Aziz Ansari), a school teacher, discovers that Nick has slept with, and still has feelings for, Chet's twin sister Katie (Dilshad Vadsaria). It is also revealed that Chet was the reason Nick's parents divorced. After a heated argument, the two end their friendship.
Meanwhile, two delinquents, Dwayne (Danny McBride) and Travis (Nick Swardson) are miserable living under the shadow of Dwayne's domineering father (Fred Ward). Dwayne confides in a stripper, Juici (Bianca
Kajlich), about his contempt for his dad, who is squandering the money that he won playing the lottery. Juici says she can hire an assassin to kill Dwayne's dad for $100,000 so Dwayne can collect the inheritance. Dwayne plots that they kidnap a complete stranger and force him to rob a bank for the hit money by strapping a bomb to his chest. After seeing an advertisement for the pizzeria that Nick works at, they order a pizza and wait for the driver to come to their hideout. When Nick arrives, Dwayne and Travis assault him and knock him unconscious.


Jesse Eisenberg ... Nick
Danny McBride ... Dwayne
Aziz Ansari ... Chet
Nick Swardson ... Travis
Dilshad Vadsaria ... Kate
Michael Peña ... Chango
Bianca Kajlich ... Juicy
Fred Ward ... The Major
Sam Johnston ... 15 Year Old #1
Jack Foley ... 15 Year Old #2
Elizabeth Wright Shapiro ... Chet's Date
Brett Gelman ... Pizza Boss
Paul Tierney ... Rodney
Staci Lynn Fletcher ... Family Dollar Cashier
Gary Brichetto ... Mr. Fisher

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