Saturday, 22 October, 2011

Nokia Launches Three New Symbian SmartPhones With Symbian Belle OS

In a Move to Catch on with Android And Samsung..

Nokia Has Launched New Symbian OS – Symbian Belle

It haS Looks Familiar to Symbian Anna and recently launched three New Models Based On it -

Nokia launched three Symbian Belle devices namely Nokia 600, 700 and 701. The three models have the same outlook and hardware along with new version of Symbian Belle.

Though the three Smartphones look alike but the model 701 has a bigger display screen than that of the other two possessing 3.2 inches screen. The device N700 constitutes of Amole touch screen along with Clear Back machinery, and is available in lively hues. The N600 has the TFT LCD display and both N700 and N600 were made of raw materials that could be re-cycled.

Both N700 and N600 possess camera with 640 x 360 pixel nod native resolution. The phones were of the smallest sizes of all the Smartphone’s, with even exterior and easy to grip. The phones are not very heavy with N700 weighing just 96 grams and N600 is of 100 grams.

The new version of Symbian Belle consists of 6 homepages, which can be attuned to different wall papers. In these 6 homescreens anything can be inserted and their size can be reduced or increased as per the requirement. The version is completely unique and is completely different to that of Android.

The Company Nokia has also introduced the feature of Just Tap, which enabled any NFC based device to share things through multimedia, when attached to the NF transferring chip.


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