Saturday, 22 October, 2011

Get Free Mobile Recharges From A Facebook Application

Follow these steps :
 First Join Embeepay Application Here & allow the application on facebook.
 Now enter your phone number and get registered and you will get 100 points.
After that validate your account .You will get a code in 3-4 min ,enter it and get 100 more points.
Now subscribe to their mailing and get 50 points.
Now total you got is 250 points very easily.
After that go to earn and do different surveys and offers and earn points.I will recomment to do those surveys which are free nad give low points like fb app etc . There are lot of offers you can do.
Moreover suggest 5 friends and when they register you will get 300 points .
When you reached to 600 points ,go to redeem and you will get easy load of 200


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