Sunday, 13 November, 2011

Get 3G speed in 2G recharge in BSNL.

Its old one and i think most of Users  know it.
But dis trick is bannd in maxm part of India.

Example: Recharge 98 rs net pack. U will get 3GB data. Switch ur network mode, GSM 2 UMTS and use it as 3G balance ...

2. 3gb in 98rs is not enough for maximum users (in 3G).

So use 23gb trick in 98 rs. 

Bsnl have two apn bsnlnet nd bsnllive.
Both hv different bytes.

bsnlnet hv 7.5 times more bytes than bsnllive.

So if u have gprs balance suppose 2 say x, den u can only use x data by bsnlnet apn. But u can use 7.5x data via bsnllive apn.

Dats it.
Dts why 3*7.5~ 23GB in 98 rs. 


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