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Blogger Vs WordPress

Blogging can be a significant asset to your business because you can communicate with your customers directly through your blog. Most importantly, you can advertise your latest products at a very low cost through blogging.
There are two popular options for you to start this process… and
These are the two frequently used platforms for blogging in today’s world and by far, the best platforms for blogging., also known as BlogSpot, is regarded as the pioneer of the blogging world.
It has been providing its services to users since the year 1999. You have an incredible opportunity to create a blog through BlogSpot for free and in no time at all.
Google purchased in 2003 and is the latest owner of this blogging platform.
On the other hand, WordPress started to provide its services to users in the year 2003, the same year when Google purchased You will be amazed to know that more than 2 million users are using WordPress as active bloggers presently.
You are being offered two versions of setups by WordPress. If you want to use for blogging, then you have to use the Blogger setup that will enable your blog to be hosted on their server.
Conversely, while using WordPress, you can download the WordPress software. Once you download it, you have the liberty to use it on any of your favorite web hosts. Isn’t it a wonderful option?

Choosing the best free blog host

To choose between these two blogging platforms is difficult. However, it totally depends on your requirement. Below are some of the important features of both and that may help you decide between the two.

Features of

One of the most attractive features of BlogSpot is that it provides you with free hosting services for up to one Gigabyte of space.
You do not have to worry about the content of your blog because maintains it on its web server. There is a limited option of customization of templates. You can also choose your favorite template to some extent.
If you are terrified of the complexities that you might face while using BlogSpot, then you should forget all worries because it is one of the easiest blogging platforms for beginners and is extremely simple to use. It also offers you the choice of uploading video and image files.

Features of

The plus point of in comparison with BlogSpot is that it is providing you with a free hosting option for up to three Gigabyte of space. The content of your blog will be maintained on the server or the web host that is recommended by you.
You can choose your favorite templates and can even customize them according to your will through The template option is unlimited.
It is not difficult to upload videos, images, and other files on the WordPress. However, if your blog content is being hosted on the web host of your choice, then you are required to have a little technical skill to configure and set up.
If you are a non-professional blogger, then you are recommended to go for BlogSpot. While using the self-hosted option of, you have to get assistance from a professional IT person. Therefore, if you are not using your blog for business, may be the better choice.
Cost Comparison
The accounts on both BlogSpot and are free. However, if you want to add any additional feature or perform special customization, then is a bit more expensive than the other one.
For the option of videos, you have to pay if you use On the other hand, it is a built in option in the case of
If you are a beginner, then it is important for you to choose the right blogging platform.
BlogSpot is the simplest blogging platform for beginners. All you have to do is to create an account or in other words, sign up for the service. The second step would be to choose a template of your choice and get started right away!
WordPress is a bit complex in comparison with this option. The reason behind it is that in the case of WordPress, first you have to download the software. Once you do so, you have to upload it to a reliable server.
The next step you have to follow is the configuration setting and running the installation. This entire process may seem simple to an IT professional, but for a layman, it is pretty difficult. Therefore, it is better for you to choose BlogSpot if you are in the beginners category.
When it comes to flexibility, is much more flexible than BlogSpot. offers you complete access to its database along with CSS, PHP and image files. On the other hand, you can be as creative with BlogSpot as you want to be, because it provides you with full access to the whole system.
When it comes to accounts, is not as flexible as the other blogging platform.
One of the biggest reasons that make WordPress more desirable is that it offers you a chance to host files other than only images like PowerPoint files, Word files, PDF files, etc.
Security and Updates
BlogSpot is far more secure than WordPress. In fact, WordPress has been famous for its vulnerability feature when it comes to hacking.
If you use WordPress, you have to be extremely careful about the maintenance of your website. You have to keep up with the latest updates regarding this blogging platform.
On the other hand, while using BlogSpot, all the content is kept on the server of Therefore, hacking is least likely in this case.
You have been provided with a detailed contrast between the two blogging platforms. It now depends on your experience and requirements which one you choose as the best free blog host for your blog.
In short, if you are a professional, go for the WordPress; and if you are a beginner, select theBlogger.
Which one do you use? Leave a comment below…


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