Sunday, 23 October, 2011


Yes this is true. KolibriOS is as small as 1.4 mb and can fit in your Grandfather’s floppy disk.

Kolibri OS is a free operating system based on Menuet OS and is available in two
different versions, 1.44 MB and a bigger one – with more features – of about 3 MB. It is completely written in assembly language and you can boot into it using any of the following. floppy disk, hard disk, CD or DVD.

It does not have any good graphics or does not even support the variety of softwares which are available for Windows, Linux or Mac. But believe it or not, it has everything that is needed for performing basic tasks e.g Text Editor, Email Client, Task Manager, Programming Tools and a virtual desktop too.

It also consists of a simple http client to surf the internet.

This OS supports NTFS file system and requires only 8 mb of RAM to run.
Don’t underestimate this OS because of its size. It has got almost 8-10 games like tetris, rocket fight(don’t remember the exact name) etc. This OS can be actually very useful when you have to access some data from age old machines.

You can boot into this OS using Floppy, CD/DVD or your Hard Disk.

Or you can also try using any virtual machines like VMware or Sun VirtualBox.
Tested Using VIrtualBOX...


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