Thursday, 1 September, 2011

Bodyguard Movie Review-Hindi-Bollywood latest

I am taking this BOLD prediction regarding the movie BODYGUARD
review.. which is a hindi remake of malyalam film named “Bodyguard”
Review :
Really, a good romantic action love story movie movie, by Salman infact better than Ready..

salman once again rocked in the form of Lovely Singh.. Good fights, romantic part mein jab sallu – kareena (divya in the movie) go far goes heart touching… That’s the time ter
i meri.. Song is played..
The film contains lots of entertainment as all salman movies have , some good comedy shots/unique dialogs by salman as always like for example “Mujhpe ek ehsaan karna ke – mujhpe koi ehsaan naa karna” :t
Action in the film os breathtaking, kareena has tried her best to fit as divya and has done a decent job indeed

After sheila Katrina Kaif rocked , this time in her black- silver ghagra choli in her dance with salman in song aaya aaya bodyguard.. Katrina this for u ;)
Music : Himesh Reshammiya has composed perhaps the most best romantic song of the year in the form of Teri Meri..Meri teri..
other songs like desi beats , aaya aaya bodyguard, i love you etc , fit perfectly in the movie :)
Ratings 82 out of 100
gift from Salman to all on auspicious ocassion of Ramzan Eid


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